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A Pokemon go crowd sourced gaming community with over 100,000 members.

We are one of biggest discord community in world.

– Pokesnipers pro is the first innovative Pokemon Go Players crowd-sourced coords platform that works out of the “box” on any web-browser anywhere in the the world 24/7 on any device! Including mobiles! On Android & Ios.

– Pokesnipers pro performs with simple login system on the website. No need of any downloads anymore or hard software setup!

– Pokesnipers pro is a highly innovative product that is master handcrafted from scratch to make sure to give users ultimate experience. We’ve tailored each feature with you in mind and simplicity.

– Pokesnipers pro is a highly dynamic multi-tasking sniping platform where you are able to perform many tasks at once from map, coords or create your own list in realtime.

– Pokesnipers pro is super smooth, simple yet powerful tool with programmable “searches” and notifications. It is the first innovative crowd sourced player coords platform where you can program your searches to find your favorite pokemon.

– Pokesnipers pro provides “on Demand” – an intelligent way to search Pokemons that notifies you about the Pokemons’ location in your area.

– Pokesnipers pro swiftly provides crowd-sourced data in many countries in real time!

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